Ghaem Nakh Kimia Co. introduction
Ghaem Nakh Kimia Co., producing polyester POY filament yarn and polyester DTY filament yarn has been stablished since 2000.
The plant is located in Moorchekhort 40 km of Isfahan constitutes the compelete integration in the polyester value chain which guarantees reliable supply and quality of raw, dope dyed, flat, draw textured and micro-filament yarn.

R&D Department.
Research and Development of Ghaem Nakh Kimia Co, having effective communication with experts at universities and in prestigious academic centers including Isfahan University of Technology, Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran and Azad University of Kashan is active in researching and exploring the possibility of establishing production New in the textile industry, products and services.
This unit also by progress reviewing to date in the field of production of texturized yarn, including technological advances and theory, help to optimize different production lines .